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Merlyn Shrike 290 Hp turbo system

Seeing a need to replace the old turbo systems of the past, Merlyn Products has provided the Twin Commander 500B, S, and U owners with a new alternative in gaining much needed performance and safety. The progress in technology since the first RayJay system was designed for the Commander in the 70’s has been enormous, and MPi has taken advantage of that by producing a kit that is efficient, lightweight, and simple. And does it ever make the power; 30” MAP at 18,000 ft.! No modifications are needed to the airframe, simply install the kit on your current E1A5 or E1B5 engines and prepare for blastoff!

Rendered image of the turbo system from the front left.Rendered image of the turbo system from the rear right.
Images rendered with SolidWorks 2004

Some Benefits:

  • Turbonormalized
  • Kit includes all new exhaust, hoses, induction tubes
  • Uses single high efficiency Garret turbo per side
  • Full 290 Hp at 18,000 ft.
  • 14,000 ft. single engine service ceiling
  • 190 KTAS @ 12,000 ft. and 70% power
  • Increased takeoff and climb performance
  • Operate at lower RPM’s (passengers will like!)
  • Fuel flows remain unchanged
  • No scavenge pumps
  • No operating limitations
  • Available with a 250lb gross weight increase
  • Dependable
  • Say goodbye to density altitude problems!
  • STC SA01142SE


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