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Merlyn Shrike 300 Hp conversion

Keeping an older airplane in the air year after year can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to dwindling engine components. Lycoming no longer produces the crankcase for the narrow deck E1A5 and E1B5 engines so a cracked case can be a major setback to say the least. As parts are getting harder to find it has become more apparent that an alternative must be found in order for the fleet to continue to operate well into the future. A solution for the Twin Commander 500B, S, and U is the Lycoming IO-540-M1C5 wide deck engine. This current production engine provides 300 Hp with the bonus of being fully supported with available parts. The installation doesn’t require any engine mount or cowling modifications and it uses the HC-C3YR compact hub prop. MPi provides the kit for the upgrade and engines may be purchased through us or another source.


Some benefits :

  • 250 lb gross weight increase
  • 2000 hr TBO!
  • Increased takeoff and climb performance
  • No change in operating procedures
  • Kit includes overhauled fuel vapor separators with new housings and associated hoses, FMS
  • Eligible for MPi turbo upgrade
  • STC SA00169SE


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