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Merlyn Shrike 300 Hp turbo system

A fine compliment to your 300 Hp wide deck conversion is the addition of our turbo system. Now your new IO-540-M1A5 or M1C5 engines can have the benefit of being turbonormalized for maximum performance output. The single Garret turbo that we use, the most efficient in its class, is a testament to the continued technology change in making turbochargers smaller and more powerful. MPi’s entire system was designed to be as straightforward and maintenance free as possible which is evident during its installation and continued airworthiness. We know that you will be impressed with the quality of this kit.

Rendered image of the turbo system from the front right. Rendered image of the turbo system from the left.
Images rendered with SolidWorks 2004

Some benefits:

  • Kit includes all new exhaust, hoses, induction tubes
  • 30” MAP @ 18,000 ft.
  • 14,000’ single engine service ceiling
  • 195 KTAS @ 10,000 ft. and 73% power
  • Increased takeoff and climb performance
  • Fuel flow remains unchanged
  • Lower RPM @ altitude
  • No operating limitations
  • No scavenge pumps
  • Dependable
  • STC SA01142SE

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