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Merlyn Shrike 350 Hp conversion

MPi’s most well known Commander conversion has to be the 350 Hp upgrade using the TIO-540-J2B(D) engines. Admired not only for its awesome performance but also for its use of a unique four blade propeller designed to give maximum efficiency at high altitudes. In fact, the conversion can give you a full 350 Hp at 30,000 ft! It just goes to show you the versatility of the 500B, S, and U airframe when mated with an appropriate increase in horsepower. With a gross weight increase up to 2050 lbs, most converted aircraft continue to be high altitude workhorses although a few are being operated by some individuals that just want to go fast and look cool! This is a very in depth transformation which includes new engine mounts, firewalls, and cowling modifications. MPi has since developed additional engine conversions that are less labor intensive, but if it's a 350 that you must have then we can make it happen!


Some benefits:

  • Kit includes new intercoolers, control systems, oil coolers
  • 41” maximum MAP
  • 2000 hr TBO!
  • Maximum operating altitude as high as 35,000 ft.
  • 13,200 ft. single engine service ceiling
  • Maximum cruise speed as high as 242KTAS!
  • Increased takeoff and climb performance
  • No operating limitations
  • Quiet operation
  • Current production engine
  • Many different equipment options to choose from
  • Dependable
  • STC SA5969NM


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