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What is Turbonormalizing?
With turbonormalization, the 30" MAP that you currently make at sea level is obtainable to 18,000'. The factory limitations of the engines are never exceeded nor are there any higher than normal stresses placed on the components. Turbo normalizing has been found to be one of the most effective ways to increase performance and safety without sacrificing reliability. Not all turbonormalizing systems are created equal. Find out what makes our different.


    Is cruise performance certified under the STC?
    No. There are no FAA rules about cruise performance. The performance items that ARE approved during certification are:

    • Take off
    • Landing
    • Accelerated stop
    • Single Engine Climb
    • Twin Engine Climb
    • Balked Landing Climb


    Why don't you use an intercooler?
    Intercooling is a useful technology but its benefits are directly related to the turbocharger's compressor efficiency. High compressor efficiency turbochargers postpone any significant benefits of intercooling to altitudes above 20,000'. Current aftermarket (and most factory) turbo systems need an intercooler to gain back some of the performance lost at altitude. So, why don't we use an intercooler? We use a turbo that is smaller, lighter, and 15% more efficient than what any one else is using in an aftermarket application. The Merlyn Turbo Baron utilizes the benefits of new technology to gain optimal performance to 20,000' without the penalty of drag, weight, and unnecessary components.


    Does my fuel flow change?
    Fuel flows will remain the same for any given power setting, although you now have the ability to draw more power at higher altitudes if you want more performance. fast do you want to go?


    Is my TBO affected?
    There is no change to your TBO. If the condition of your engines is such that you would reach TBO, the Merlyn Turbo Baron installation does nothing to prevent achieving TBO.


    What if I upgrade to the IO-550?
    The kits for the IO-520 and the IO-550 are interchangeable.
    If you plan to change to the IO-550 there is no need to wait for the benefits of the Merlyn Turbo for your Baron. Install the Merlyn Turbo kit now and transfer to your new engines when the time comes.


    Where can it be installed?
    Currently installation can only take place at Merlyn Products' facility.


    What is the cost?
    Introductory pricing is available with a flat rated installation price at Merlyn Products' facility. This is an excellent value for a complete installation.*


    How does the money work?
    50% down secures your price and position date. We need 30% more on arrival. The balance, including installation is due prior to the plane leaving the facility.


    What about the "B" models?
    B models with factory IO-470 engines do not fall under our STC. This requires another STC which has not been accomplished at this time.


    How much Gross Weight increase will I gain?
    All approved models increase to 5,700lbs and our kit weighs 68lbs. This translates to a payload increase 132lbs for the 300hp 58 model, 232lbs for the 285hp 58 model, and 332lbs on the C, D and E models. For some aircraft the Merlyn Turbo Baron kit can double payload.


    Are there any structural changes made to achieve the gross weight increase?
    No. The aircraft is performance limited, not structurally limited. The increase is related to single engine climb ability. Since single engine climb is increased significantly by our turbo we meet FAA standards for weight increase. All approved models increase to 5,700 lbs.


    I have warranties on my current engines. Will I lose those if I install Merlyn Turbo's?
    No. Warranties will remain in effect. This is supported by the Magnuson-Moss Act. Because we are turbonormalizing, no stress above factory limits will occur. The current power is available much higher.


    What documentation do I get with a kit?
    A copy of the STC, Installation Report, AFMS(if required), Permission to Install STC (FAR 91.403(d)) all come with a Merlyn kit.


    What is a permission to install the STC
    The permission to install the STC complies with FAR 91.403(d) which states,

    "A person must not alter an aircraft based on a supplemental type certificate unless the owner or operator of the aircraft is the holder of the supplemental type certificate, or has written permission from the holder."

    The permission to install is confirmation that you have purchased genuine parts that were produced under FAA authorized TC, PMA or TSO. Some STC's have been widely copied to legitimize unapproved parts, i.e., parts that were not manufactured under TC, PMA or TSO. The permission to install document is the manufacturer's acknowledgement that the use of the STC was authorized and that (as in the case of MPi STC's) the parts were produced under the control of the FAA Parts Manufacture Authorization.


    What information does Merlyn Products, Inc.'s permission to install the STC contain?
    The permission to install letter from Merlyn Products, Inc. includes the aircraft registration and serial number, the kit serial number, the documents provided and their revision at the time of purchase.


    What happens to the permission to install if I remove the STC'd kit and install it on another aircraft?
    Contact Merlyn Products, Inc. with the new aircraft information. you will be issued a new Permission to Install with the appropriate aircraft information. The new document will provide continuity for parts traceability for your aircraft.


    With regard to the STC,  why don't I get page 2
    Page 2 of the STC is the Transfer Endorsement page. It transfers ownership of the STC and authorizes the FAA to re-issue the STC in the new owner's name. Purchasing a kit does not constitute purchasing the STC.


    How do I get a replacement documentation package?
    E-mail or Send a written request including your aircraft make, model, registration and serial number. A replacement copy charge may apply.


    When is your next opening?
    Please contact us for information on scheduling. Call us at 1-800-828-7500.


    Do you have another question?
    If you have additional questions, or for some reason your question was not answered, please contact us. Use our web request form for information on any product we carry and we will return your question with a detailed answer as soon as possible. You can also call us at 1-800-828-7500.

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