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Mooney M20K

This is an image of the Black Magic with and without its heatshield and elbow.
Automatic wastegate with and without heatshield, elbow not included with kit.

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Reduced cylinder head temperatures: for every 50° F decrease in temperature the life of a component is doubled.

Reduced turbine speeds


Higher Critical Altitude

Broader Operating Range and for a few

Better climb

A broader operating range means flying to altitude using lower RPM setting and still maintaining MAP. And that equates to lower operating temperatures and a much quieter flight (as much as 3 dB).

Pilot choices. Let's look at that broader operating range a little closer in a specific application -- 53% power. We call it Quiet Economy Cruise.

Before Merlyn's Control: a 30" MAP, 2000 RPM was only obtainable to 8000 feet. With the control that flight parameter is obtainable to 15,000 feet. For the pilot with economy in mind that equates to a savings of 1/2 gallon of fuel per hour with the same performance obtained at 55% power. And, this is where the 3 dB reduction in noise comes in.

Using the book values for 55% to 75% power setting results in 5 to 6 knot increase in true airspeed using the book values for MAP, RPM and Fuel Flow. Or, reduce the MAP by 1.5" and burn .4 to .6 gallons per hours less fuel, and have the same performance as before the "Merlyn Black Magic" . (A savings without a loss.)

A 7% increase in climb. Using 33" MAP and 2450 RPM that equates to 40 feet per minute in the Arrow equipped with the "Merlyn Black Magic" .

(41", 2575 = 50 fpm increase)

Weather? Along with that nice increase in climb the increase in the critical altitude from 12,000 feet to 19,500 feet is a definite plus that can't be emphasized enough.

Gives the pilot a lot of choices he never could have had even with an intercooler.

Provides old technical benefits of reduced backpressure, and other things that the pilot doesn't see.

The "Merlyn Black Magic" control . only weighs two pounds per engine, doesn't add to the maintenance and gives a wide range of pilot benefits including a real dollar savings, maybe it is magic!

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