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Formed in 1985 to produce General Aviation retrofit kits, Merlyn Products' (MPi) initial programs produced new lightweight, more efficient intercooler technology for the Beechcraft Duke, A&B36TC Bonanza and the Piper Aerostar as well as horsepower increase kit for the Aerostar.

The Merlyn Turbo Baron is a turbonormalizing system for Baron models 95-C55, D55, E55, 58 and G58.  Along with the benefits of turbocharging, the Merlyn Turbo Baron modification includes a gross weight increase, which equates to a much needed payload increase.

The "Merlyn Black Magic" upper deck pressure control for the Piper Turbo Dakota and Arrow, the Piper Seneca and the Mooney M20K (231) provides benefits for both the pilot and the powerplant at a reasonable price.

Merlyn Products is pleased to announce the revival of one of our earlier projects, the Bonanza Intercooler. Maintaining the simplicity of the design and the short installation time the new intercooler is being refined. New kits are not yet available during the development and approval process, but check back for updates. Replacement parts are still available for our kits currently in the field.

MPi continues to add to its long line of Twin Commander modifications for the 500B, 500S and 500U with its latest 320hp engine conversion and stand alone turbonormalized system for that aircraft.

In addition to their own programs, MPi provides engineering services and data acquisition for flight test and certification programs on a contract basis.

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