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It always seems like you can use a little extra fuel, just enough to cut out the next stop and go direct. Not only does it save you time, it also saves you money. Additional fuel gives you the peace of mind to fly those longer legs without cutting it close. MPi has two options available for your Twin Commander 500B, S, and U. Each kit contains new fuel cells, liners, structural doublers, and all of the hardware needed for installation. Large interconnects along with the new filler port location allow for quick filling of the entire system; under 7 minutes for 256 gallons! The next time you are planning a trip factor in some additional fuel, you might be surprised where it can take you.


Some Benefits:

  • Single filler port
  • No change in operation
  • Still a single tank system with no additional fuel valves
  • Less time at the pump
  • STC SA00387SE and SA01222SE


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