The Merlyn Black Magic control is a pneumatic device which measures the difference between the upper deck pressure and manifold pressure, hence the abbreviation "UDP" (upper deck pressure control). Currently the Mooney M20K, along with the Piper Turbo Dakota, Turbo Arrow, and the Turbo Seneca use the TSIO-360 series engines which are fitted with a fixed wastegate. The problem with this system is that the turbo is always running a fixed amount of boost (about 70% of what it is capable of) whether you are at sea level (don’t need boost) or at 13,000’ (need more boost). The limitations and potential problems that you may currently have (sensitive throttles, high temps, lack of high altitude performance, cylinder and turbo damage, etc.) are all associated with your current fixed bolt wastegate. While addressing these problems the UDP lets your turbo work only as hard as it needs to resulting in cooler more efficient engine operation. A common misunderstanding is that the UDP is only beneficial for high altitude operation. Although there are major altitude advantages, the majority of the benefits will be found from sea level to 10,000’ where backpressure and associated heat in the cylinders and turbocharger is at its worst.

Since 1989 we have supplied over 1750 units installed on aircraft worldwide. Please contact us if you have any question or are in need of further information.



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