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Merlyn Products, Inc. provides beneficial and reliable products to give your general aviation aircraft the greatest power, efficiency or capacity.

Merlyn Turbo Baron: Turbonormalized system that increases single engine service ceiling, sea-level power, payload, and decreases time to climb all at the same fuel flow.

Merlyn Black Magic: Upper deck pressure control for the Piper Turbo Dakota and Arrow, the Piper Seneca and the Mooney M20K (231) provides benefits for both the pilot and the powerplant at a reasonable price.

Swift Kits and Upgrades: Modifications for Swift aircraft that include access doors, engine mounts, fuel tanks, gross weight increases and hydraulic power packs.

Twin Commander modifications: 500B, 500S and 500U with its latest 320hp engine conversion and stand alone turbonormalized system for that aircraft as well as fuel kits.

Bonanza Intercooler: Intercooler that improves cruise climb, lowers engine induction air temperature as well as other benefits, provided for the Bonanza A36TC and B36TC.

Aerostar STC: Available for purchase to produce your own Aerostar products. Inquire with us to see what is available and how to acquire them.

Replacement Parts: List of kit parts that we sell as replacements. This list is updated as more parts become available. If there is a part that you need replaced that is not on our list please call to inquire about its availability.

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