Black Magic Automatic Wastegate
UDP Control Service Form

Service on UDP control unit(s) will not begin until we have received all required components.

Service for most units completed within 1-3 business days if you have submitted the service form below and
schedule an appointment.
Service may require at least 10 business days if sent in without submitting service form below or without an appointment.

At no time should you ever disassemble the control, for any reason.
If you are having problems with or have questions about your unit please contact us or send your control in for service.
All units should be sent in on the Exhaust Bypass Elbow(EBE) and with the heatshield still attached.
Service will not begin until all required components have been received.

Required Components:

  • UDP Control Unit
  • Exhaust Bypass Elbow
  • Heatshield
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